We've supported your Touchline Powerflags with 12 instruction videos
to help you get the full benefit of your new system.

These instruction videos consist of:

  • Introducing your Touchline Powerflags
  • Powering Up the Receiver Unit
  • Setting Up the Powerflag System
  • Inserting the Receiver in the Arm Band
  • How to use the Intermittent Beep Function
  • Changing the Battery on your Receiver Unit
  • Changing the Battery on your Touchline Powerflag
  • How to Switch Off your Receiver Unit
  • Changing the Flag Cloth
  • Battery Not Passing Healthcheck Alert
  • Pairing Flags and Receivers
  • Receiver Unit Modes
  • The Receiver up close
  • The Flag Stick up close

Designed with simplicity in mind, because your game is complicated enough.

We hope thes clips answer some of your initial questions but please call us on
0800 980 2208 should you require further customer service.